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Pinned Suggestions Meelis13 40 nathanbryan, 2 months ago
Pinned SatW community discord Meelis13 259 ItsLlamaSenpai, 12 months ago
Pinned Site Rules & Code of Conduct Meelis13 66 Akira520, 2 years ago
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  Fun Facts about Your Country Aurinkolasit 388 addison, 22 hours ago
  What's on your mind-thread (156) Smartis 1175 addison, 22 hours ago
  Your height Lavender 600 addison, 22 hours ago
 NSFW Comment anything and get a silly reply. SpikeylovesSatW 498 internetvoyager, 2 days ago
  While the exact details of the game "Dark and Dark DonnaStella new! DonnaStella, 15 days ago
  Mmoexp NBA 2k24: The change to the shot timing DonnaStella new! DonnaStella, 15 days ago
  Testing ABCEastPonymon 33 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 19 days ago
  Three words - 4 LearnEveryDay 7 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 19 days ago
  The SATW high tower game 1000+ dragongoddess 1019 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 19 days ago
  Video Games Iateapenguin 280 johnlinn, 19 days ago
  how did you discover satw? thestankiestleg 9 johnlinn, 19 days ago
  Who Is The Last Comment? ClaraLovesSATW2 408 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 22 days ago
  Ace! (Sexuality thread) Stenson4t0r 1018 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 26 days ago
  Learn Swedish language with @Smartis! Smartis 139 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 1 month ago
  State your name and purpose! Dorena 107 bwessedookie, 2 months ago
  This is the class of the open-global Emilylowes new! Emilylowes, 2 months ago
  They go back to the Sanctuary Emilylowes new! Emilylowes, 2 months ago
  I'm sure this sounds like a task Emilylowes new! Emilylowes, 2 months ago
  Runescape has grow to be pretty popular amongst Emilylowes new! Emilylowes, 2 months ago
  The banning game 13 Smartis 641 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 3 months ago
  chat with a random scottish person zhouhuanyue 625 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 3 months ago
  The SatW Deep underground building Game rfdnn 842 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 4 months ago
  Vaccines and Autism. Dan 53 vlexitrokxh, 5 months ago
  Why did you choose your avatar? ElBichoRaro 186 AB1991, 5 months ago
 NSFW vent/mental health topic SwedishBear00_2 30 vlexitrokxh, 5 months ago
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