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  I want to be a nazi Tobie_kenobie 81 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
  What is your country proud of Norrient 100 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
  Replacing O with Ø in English words. Ingrev 45 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
  What Countries Are Best At lowericon 41 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
  Extra Virginity (NSFW) America-sama 267 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
 NSFW Would you rather...? Igirisu 436 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
  Getting gold ruffsnap 0 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
  Rate the Song Below You! (NEW!) Frost_Marvel 1002 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
 NSFW Anime [NSFW] Meelis13 78 AjarTadpole7202, 1 month ago
  Poop in movie titles. Hericus_Victor 125 AjarTadpole7202, 2 months ago
  Nike SF Air Force 1 Mid in Dark Hungftf new! Hungftf, 5 months ago
  converse chuck 70 Summygh new! Summygh, 5 months ago
  I have AVG anti virus and Ad-Aware applications sunxue new! sunxue, 5 months ago
  Are you ever updated coffee? sunxuemei new! sunxuemei, 5 months ago
  LETS PLAY A GAME Yeehaw0 371 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 5 months ago
 NSFW Let's try and make all comments the same! SpikeylovesSatW 332 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 5 months ago
  nike air force 1 baratos Huugftr new! Huugftr, 5 months ago
  nike air force 1 baratos Huugftr new! Huugftr, 5 months ago
  Great Deals gold runescape 3 for sale with Up to 8 wowclassicgold1 new! wowclassicgold1, 5 months ago
  Twelve Days uktana 6 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 6 months ago
 NSFW Let's create a story using ONE WORD ONLY!!! SpikeylovesSatW 1013 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 6 months ago
  Count to 1500! (Part dox3 was banned!) ClaraLovesSATW2 215 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 6 months ago
  Thermostat Game AussiePengwin 301 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 6 months ago
 NSFW Slightly racist jokes lashynahmad 37 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 7 months ago
  The Not-Science Club -no sources no proof no probl AwesomeSunflower 314 The_Yellow_Ardvark, 7 months ago
  You know you're (nationality) if.... Wabli 297 uktana, 7 months ago
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